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Discovery Science to launch ‘Origins’ on 9 Feb (1 Viewer)

Dileep Kumar

8 Jul 2013
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→ Discovery Science is all set to launch ‘Origins’, a fast-paced series exploring the origins of some of the world’s most influential inventions, products, games and ideas from various fields.

The show will launch on 9 February, airing at 10 pm from Monday to Friday. Each episode will take viewers behind the beginnings of things that have baffled human minds.

The show will answer the following questions: How did the modern helicopter come into existence? How did the bow and arrow evolve into the gun and further into today’s revolutionary weapons?

The show will also take an in-depth look into phenomena like the evolution and physiological effects of humour, execution by crucifixion and lethal injection, as well as the development of television technology over the years.


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