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Discovery Turbo goes ‘Extreme’ from 29 January (1 Viewer)


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16 Jul 2013
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MUMBAI: Infotainment channel
Discovery has announced that its ‘just for males’ channel Turbo will take viewers to extreme places across the world in its new series ‘Extreme’. It will air every Thursday at 9 pm from 29 January 2015.

The show will visit the largest pool in
the world and give viewers an
astronaut-guided tour of a space
station. This show will introduce
viewers to alligator wrestling, a
haunted tattoo parlour and thrill
rides. One can also watch meals
served by sword by black-clad ninjas,
talking toilets and vacation resorts on
the sea floor.

The show also visits the biggest, the
best and the most over-the-top
lodgings. The other episodes in the
series include resorts, restaurants,
terror-rides, water parks,
superstores, mind-blowing hotels,
ways to go extreme and many other

One can also spend a chilly night in
the world’s biggest lodging carved
entirely out of ice or book a room in
a fully restored Wild West ghost town
that doubles as a five-star spa.

An episode ‘Extreme Truck Stops’ will
cover the best grub to the only truck
stop with parking spaces for a horse.

Another episode ‘Extreme Terror
Rides’ looks at a speed demon that
achieves total weightlessness,
freefalls and the upside-down,
corkscrewiest coasters allowed by

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7 Nov 2012
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first they transformed it into 'for males' channel, now it goes extreme.... :u
guess they dont know what to do wid this chnl :s

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