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Discovery Turbo to launch ‘American Guns’ in the New Year (1 Viewer)

Dileep Kumar

8 Jul 2013
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Discovery Turbo will commence the New Year with a special series ‘American Guns’ that introduces viewers to a suburban family which is into a unique weapons business – guns.

The show will premiere on 1 January 2015, airing at 7 pm every Thursday. The Wyatts family owns Gunsmoke, one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world.

Located outside Denver, Colorado, Gunsmoke is where they buy, sell and trade guns, from hand canons to hunting rifles. They also build guns as per the customer’s choice from a block of metal.
Among the firearms featured in the series include Knuckle Duster built in the late 1800’s (was both brass knuckles and a firearm), ‘Colt’ Single Action Army (the quintessential gun of the American west), Hand Cannon (the first cannon that could be held in a soldier’s hands and fired) and Adaptive Hunting Rifle amongst others.

It will showcase Rich Wyatt, a retired cop with over 20 years of experience; run the shop with his family. Rich is one of only six people in the world certified by Colonel Jeff Cooper, a master firearms instructor and one of 20th century’s experts on the use and history of small arms, and a talented gunsmith.
Renee, the matriarch of the Wyatt clan, runs the household and the business side of Gunsmoke, and doesn’t go anywhere without her pistol in her boot. Kurt, their son, is a skilled salesman and an engraver. He qualified as a pistol expert at the age of 13, and handles all of the engraving jobs that come through the gun shop. Daughter Paige graduated high school early, and now works in the shop full time, taking on additional responsibilities for the business.

The show will present how from a small business 19 years ago Gunsmoke has flourished into a firearms enterprise.

Discovery Turbo to launch ‘American Guns’ in the New Year | TelevisionPost.com

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