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Dolby audio


8 Dec 2020
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I’m using airtel hd STB connected to my LG um7300 4k tv through sony iv300 home theatre.

STB connected via HDMI to HT (hdmi1)then HT connectd via HDMI(out) to TV HDMI (ARC).
These are my connections.

i hv enabled dolby digital+ in my tv audio settings.
When i play dolby video on youtube I’m hearing the surround effects.
When i watch movies on tv through dth also the sounds I’m hearing from rear speakers. With surround sounds
My doubt is my airtel hd STB when i watching movies in various channels like star movies, star maa
It’s showing available in dolby audio or dolby digital plus at bottom left corner of tv.
So this is my doubt is it really playing in dolby audio ?
If it plays the movie in dolby audio
Is dolby audio icon will appears or not?
Is HT shows or scrolls the dolby audio word?
I don’t have any signs of dolby audio in my tv or home theatre
The surround effects I’m hearing are real dolby sounds or not?
When i watch movies through STB it always showing available in dolby
**What it means?
**It means that the content playing in my tv through STB is playing in dolby audio or not?
in other STB is it shows dolby icon in airtel it doesn’t showing why


6 Sep 2018
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YouTube donot have Dolby sounds.. it's only given stereo output.. but HD tv channels have 5.1 audio. Also airtel HD audio quality very impressive.
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