DTH platform's telly tales


7 Apr 2011
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If DTH can tell a customer what his friend is watching on television and if a home shopping network can offer a pendant to ward off the evil eye with EMI scheme and payment through card option, then it can well become a platform to know if a customer will buy your product or not? Yes, brands are now targetting the couch potatoes who don't want to be bothered with a knock on their door to fill up a form or call on their mobile asking them if they would be interested in a product demo. The DTH platform lends itself well to brands that want to do test their products. It is possible to talk to certain type of consumer based on their income profile and from a particular city because of the indepth data mining that a DTH player does.

Even as brands are now looking to create customised communication specifically for platforms like DTH, TTK Prestige for its new microwave pressure cooker chose a different route to test market. Instead of choosing one region, the company launched the product on a home shopping channel. The rationale - home shopping allows an infomercial to be played as part of the product communication efforts. "Home shopping also offered us the opportunity of calling up customers who opted for the product to and find out what he /she thought of it. T
here was a phone number available for the customer which you would normally not have access to in a typical test market," says Chandru Kalro, EVP - marketing, TTK Prestige. While the microwave pressure cooker elicited a good response, TTK Presitge's attempt to storm the Southern market dominated by Hawkins cooker met with a lukewarm response. "Customers told us "if you are the same as Hawkins, then why should I change." So then we went back to the drawing board and designed a pressure handi instead of a pressure cooker as an entry strategy," says Kalro.
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