DTH services in Indian railways


5 Aug 2011
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Indian Railway plans to launch Satellite Based Internet network in the trains so the passengers can browse the Internet on travel.

Train launch was made already between mumbai and ahemedbad. IPTV (internet protocol TV) will be launch as an add-on along with Internet.

Also, Indian Railway plans to launch the DTH (Direct-To-Home) service over trains. This helps the people to watch TV online while travelling in the trains.

Indian Railway has plans over taking high bandwidth network supporting IPTV solution, DTH and high speed internet voice applications.

In European countries, USA & on some eastern countries DTH & Internet services are already launched and running successfully.

Indians would experience the DTH & Internet technologies soon on Trains.

Source : dth india info
really a great move by indian railway department.so we can see high quality pictures and stereophoic sonud in rail journey too.:tup
Earlier move by DishTV in Kingfisher Airlines was not successful. Also ADTV's "TV on wheels" advertisement in their website also disappeared.
Ab dth lovers koi favourit show miss nahi karenge. HAPPY JOURNY will be realy happy.
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