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5 Jun 2013
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2014 has been a landmark year for
Indian e-commerce with billions of
dollars invested across top commerce
players. Most of this investment has gone
into the development of infrastructure,
marketing & manpower. Interestingly,
most of the marketing money is being
spent to grow the mobile base.
Smartphones and "Mobile Only" Internet
users are growing rapidly and India is
expecting to double its base of
smartphones and mobile internet
subscribers by the end of 2015.
Following up on my earlier article on
online commerce in India back in May
2014, I decided to take a deep look at the
growth trends of major mobile apps in
India responsible for this monumental
m-commerce shift in 2014.
Let's take a visual look at how some of
the top mobile commerce apps of India
grew in the year 2014, which also points
towards the overall growth of mobile
commerce in India.
In detail»»»»
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