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Eng News Channnels & Hindi News! (1 Viewer)


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16 Oct 2012
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Hello All, i just wanted to know if TRAI will ever force English news channels to deliver news only in English or at-least add subtitles so those who pay for these channels assuming them to telecast English news?

One good example: Today at 1230 i tuned on India today and the Indian Home minister was giving an exclusive and the program has no live tag hence it was a recorded one, while the home minister spoke in 100% Hindi the channel made absolutely no attempts to English subtitles hence i turned on another popular eng news channel where another Hindi show was running then i moved to CNBC Tv 18 & later to CNN where they did had English news.

I would be more than happy if overseas DTH such as from Singapore or elsewhere are available at my place so i can atleast heard or read what the Indian home minister has to say in English as none of the Indian english news channels make no attempt whatsoever to take them to its non hindi-viewers who subscribe to them assuming them to show some english content.

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