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Good News Finally Swapped My Calcomp HD STB With Flextronics HD STB


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20 Jul 2014
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I am also thinking to swap my Technicolor stb as it's UI is lagging too much + remote is not working properly & already purchased 2 remotes in last 9 months + there's a issue in recorder, whenever I record anything next time when I switch on STB it asks me to format + sometimes it says "Error! Sorry could not load recorder" for few days.
Which STB is having better HD PQ & AQ among Technicolor & Flextronics?
Or should I wait for few months if any new STB is going to launch?
PQ and AQ should be same. For you, the swap should be easy, as your STB already has a view card. And yes, I heard that a new STB is going to launch in January, not confirmed though. But I guess airtel will stick to yellow UI even if they launch a new STB. So if you want to swap, I guess you can.
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