For Sale: TBS 5990 DVB S2 USB Card is for sale...


M Jahabar Sadiq
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16 May 2011
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For Sale:

TBS 5990 DVB S2 USB Card is for sale...

Most of the forum members know that I bought this device recently on 07-Sep-2016 [Link here for more details]. Now I am selling it.

Reason is, I bought another DVB S2 USB Card "TBS 5922 SE" and using it from 29-Oct-2016.

So, the device TBS 5990 is used for about 1.5 months.

- Supports DVB S and DVB S2
- Supports HD and HEVC
- Supports blind scan
- Supports Diseqc 4x1 and 8x1 switches

Packaging Contents:
- TBS 5990 Device
- Remote Control
- CD Containing software and drivers (but recommend to download from TBS website for latest)
- USB 2.0 cable to connect with PC/Laptop

Power supply:
- Need to buy an power adapter yourself.
- Supply - 12 V 2 Amp.

Some Notes:
- It will not support scanning of Videocon D2H -  ST 2 satellite due to higher bandwidth of TPs.
- It was not supporting DiseqC 8x1 + DiseqC 4x1 together. But it was supporting when only one of them is used.
- It was supporting Diseqc 8x1 + Mono Block LNB which has DiseqC 2x1 built in.
- The above DiseqC combination might be because of faulty switches since my new device 5922 SE is also not supporting it.

I bought it for Rs.8500/- I am reducing 25% which is Rs.2125/-
Final Price: Rs.6375/- + shipping charges (only within India)

Payment Mode: Net banking transfer

Contact me via PM to know account details if you are interested.

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