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Forum replies are now integrated with news portal articles

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1 Feb 2019
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Hello everyone

As you all know we have relaunched our DreamDTH News Portal recently, it also came with a new replies integration feature. Now all auto posted thread for articles will be open in relevant sections and replies to those threads will be visible on the respective article page too. In case a thread on that topic already exists, the article will be linked to that particular thread and no new auto posted thread will be created.

The article page will show the forum replies in a separate tab called "Forum Replies" with a direct link to "Join the discussion", which will take you to the particular thread on the forum. One tap like and reply to linked thread's replies from news portal is possible as well. You can use the report button or contact the respective author if you want to link any thread with an article.

DreamDTH Team
Not open for further replies.
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