Fox Crime launches ‘1000 Ways To Die’ on 6 June

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3 Nov 2010
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MUMBAI: English GEC Fox Crime will kick off the show '1000 Ways to Die' on 6 June.

The show will air Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm.

‘1000 Ways To Die’ humorously chronicles the last moments of people who met an untimely demise by making bad choices or through sheer bad luck. This show takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to death through its presentation of stories derived from myths and science. A frequently recurring motif is that of unsympathetic individuals' choices backfiring on them, resulting in death.

In one episode a woman catches a fish for the first time and, as she pulls it from the water, it flies through the air and lodges in her throat. The design of the fish's scales prevents her from pulling it out and she chokes to death.

A man falls asleep while smoking and sets himself on fire. He is rescued, taken to a hospital, and wrapped from head to toe in bandages soaked in burn medicine to treat his 3rd degree burns. After three weeks without a cigarette, he bribes a nurse to let him outside for a few minutes to smoke. He smuggles a cigarette out and lights it, but the ashes from the cigarette ignite his bandages. As he struggles to put the fire out, his wheelchair rolls down the ramp and his oxygen tank explodes when the chair hits the bottom, incinerating him.

The show is filled with such black humor (particularly in the narration) which tempers the otherwise somber theme of death. A narration provides background information within each death-story, which ends with titles that are puns on popular figures of speech. At the end of the episode, the viewer is in a dilemma - whether to feel bad for the person who died or laugh at his bad fate.
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