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1 Feb 2019
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Starting with India, Cisco has partnered with Google to roll out free, high-speed public Wi-Fi access globally. The first pilot under the partnership has been rolled out at 35 locations in Bengaluru.

By September this year, 200 locations in Bengaluru will be Wi-Fi enabled, followed by another 300 in the second phase

Cisco will work with Google's "Station Platform" to provide communities around the country access to high-speed public Wi-Fi and Google will help help keeping the service secure.

Supported by Ads, this free WiFi service will be installed in public spaces like bus stops, hospitals and government offices, etc.

Cisco, Google Partner to Offer Free High-Speed Public Wi-Fi in India


23 May 2016
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There have been such initiatives in the past too, but I have never seen them work ever. MG Road was supposed to have free WiFi, but it never worked. Even the railway station is supposed to be WiFi enabled, but I wonder which part of the station.

With a country of 130+ crore people, usage of internet for unwanted purposes (aka watching p*rn etc) & serious threat about security, I wonder how such facilities will really work in uncontrolled public areas.

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