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16 Jul 2013
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SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc launched
a free version of its music streaming service on
Tuesday, as it sought to upstage the debut of
Apple Inc's rival service next week.

Google Play Music has offered a $9.99 per
month subscription service for two years but
Tuesday's launch is the first free version of the
streaming service. It is available online and will
be available on Android and iOS by the end of
the week, Elias Roman, Google product
manager, said.

Apple said earlier this month it would launch a
music streaming service on June 30 for $9.99
per month along with a $14.99 per month family
plan, with a free three-month trial.

As with other streaming services, such as Spotify
and Rhapsody, Google Play Music curates
playlists. Users can tailor playlists based on
genre, artist or even activity, such as hosting a
pool party or "having fun at work."

"We believe this is a play that will expose a lot
of people to the service," Roman said in an interview.

Unlike Google's subscription music service, the
free service will carry ads, be unavailable offline
and exclude certain songs.

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