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Google to bring its internet, energy projects to India (1 Viewer)


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6 May 2012
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Google said it was working with the Indian government to bring its balloon-powered internet and its kite-powered wind energy to the country.

Codenamed Project Loon, the internet project envisages use of high-altitude balloons to provide affordable internet to around five billion people globally who currently have no access.

"By 2016, we believe we can start to launch a commercial format that allows us to have coverage on every square inch of planet Earth. We are working very closely with telecom providers and governments across the world including India to see how we bring this innovation here," said Mohammad Gawdat, VP of business Innovation at Google X, a semi-secret facility of Google's that is dedicated to making major technological advancements.

The balloons travel 20km above the Earth's surface, in the stratosphere. Loon uses software algorithms to determine where the balloon needs to go depending on the direction of the wind. It started as a pilot some two years back when 30 balloons were launched from New Zealand's South Island that beamed internet to a small group of users.

More: Google to bring its internet, energy projects to India - The Times of India

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