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Government dual standards just want revenue (1 Viewer)


18 Jul 2018
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Revenue from alcohol, 140184 crores Annually

Check Link For More Info

See if your state is among top ten booze revenue earners

revenue From Tobacco, 34,000 crores annually.

check Link For More Info

Tobacco & Cigarette Industry Revenue in India | Cigarette Industry

Revenue From Helmet Fine In Pune 45 crore

2019 Election Estimated cost 60000 crore

At an Estimated Rs 60,000 Crore, Lok Sabha Elections Costliest Ever; BJP Spent 45% of it, Shows Study

We Dont Ask You To Do Rally Or Campaign But Steel You Do And Spend Our Money,
If Earthquake Flood Or Any Other Tragedy Happen You Dont Have Money To Give but You Have 60000 crore For Election,
and Top Of It You Ask Donation From People For Tragedy

Kerala floods: Centre releases Rs 600 cr, CM seeks Rs 2,600 cr special package
We Have Money For Election 60000 crore But Not For Floods

Check Link

Kerala floods: Centre releases Rs 600 cr, CM seeks Rs 2,600 cr special package | India News - Times of India

smoke kill about 926,000 people each year

Smokeless tobacco use kills an additional 200,000 people

Link For More Info

The Toll of Tobacco in India

Alcohol kills 2.6 lakh Indians every year

Link For More Info

Alcohol kills 2.6L Indians every year: WHO report | India News - Times of India

Now You Know Why They Dont Ban Alcohol Tobacco And Force To Wear Helmet They Just Want extract Money From People

End Of The Day They Just Want Money From People. They Dont Care About Safty They Just Wanna Money In Name Of Safty If They Really Care About People Safty They Should Ban First Alcohol And Tobacco,
If They Really Care About People


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10 Nov 2017
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Exactly why I don't donate in any of the government funds.

1. They have enough money from such revenues/taxes, and already have disaster relief funds.
2. Even if you donate, a sizable portion is pocketed by the Organiser/Government under the Pretext of "administration fees. For example, If I donate Rs 1000 to Chief Ministers Relief Fund, Rs 100 will be pocketed by Paytm, further Rs 100 will be pocketed by the Relief Fund administration, Rs 800 goes for the "help". Those who actually provide the help will again deduct their "administrative charges". And I'm not even talking of commission yet. If you take into account commission, it will be far more lesser.
3. I believe 10% of what you donate actually reaches the affected people - and in some cases, corrupt politicians would be pocketing that too. Its a Scam. Government has enough money to handle any disaster relief.

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