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Governor's rule imposed in Kashmir (1 Viewer)

Mudasir 4K

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25 Dec 2012
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Jammu and Kashmir will be under
Governor's rule after the assembly elections in the state had last month thrown a fractured verdict, with no party able to win the required number of seats to form the government.
Jammu and Kashmir Governor NN
Vohra had submitted a report
stating that the Governor's rule was necessary as the caretaker chief minister Omar Abdullah had
requested to be relieved of his post.
The Governor's rule was imposed
under Section 92 of the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution, which is
proclaimed in case of failure of
Constitutional machinery in the
The Governor 's rule has been
imposed in Jammu and Kashmir for the sixth time since 1977.
On Thursday, Omar had tweeted to confirm that he had resigned as the caretaker chief minister, citing the need for a 'full time administrator' in the state. The former chief minister also accused the People's Democratic Party of dallying over the government formation in the state.
Last month, a fractured verdict in
the Jammu and Kashmir assembly
elections left no party with a clear
majority. The highest number of
seats was won by the PDP, but the
party with 28 seats fell well short of the 44 seats required to form the government.


2 Jan 2014
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why political persons waste peoples time and money

Mudasir 4K

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25 Dec 2012
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Fresh elections in JK will be injustice to voters: NC

National Conference
today said that fresh elections in
Jammu and Kashmir will be an
"undesirable eventuality" and
injustice to the voters as it
reiterated its "unconditional"
support to the PDP in formation of
government in the state.
"Our offer of unconditional support
to the PDP remains there. It is for
the PDP leadership to take a call on
it," NC spokesman Junaid Azim
Mattu said.
Reacting to the imposition of
Governor's Rule in the state, Mattu
said the onus of government
formation lies on the PDP.
"Not just due to the fact that PDP is
the single largest party but because
it has two credible offers of support,
from NC and I believe Congress as
well, to form a government," he said.
Asked if his party was ready for fresh
elections, Mattu said,"While that
remained a technical possibility, it
would be an undesirable
"People turned up in such numbers
to take part in the elections with the
hope of getting an elected
There is no clarity on what is going
on between BJP and PDP on
government formation ... predicting
a fresh election is kind of
impossible," he said.
In response to a question, Mattu
said it was for the BJP and PDP to
decide whether forcing another
election on the people of the state
would be an injustice to the voters.
Governor's rule was imposed in the
state today after political parties
failed to muster the requisite
number in the 87-member Assembly
for staking claim to form the
Former chief minister Omar
Adbullah, soon after his return from
England, met Governor N N Vohra
asking to be relieved from being the
caretaker chief minister of the state.
The National Working president said
the state needed a full-time
administrator to deal with the
situation arising out of border
hostilities between India and
Pakistan in Jammu region and
rehabilitation of flood victims in the
PDP emerged as the single largest
party with 28 seats in the recently
concluded JK elections which threw
up a hung Assembly. BJP won 25
seats in the 87-member house while
National Conference and Congress
bagged 15 and 12 seats respectively.
However, there has been a deadlock
over government formation since the
results were declared on December
23 as no combination of parties have
been able to come together.
While BJP and PDP have claimed that
back channel talks were on, there is
no clarity on the progress made in
these talks as both parties have
maintained a wait-and-watch
Meanwhile, in Jammu, NC provincial
president Devender Singh Rana
hailed the decision of Omar
Abdullah to step down as the
Caretaker Chief Minister, saying
when the caretaker government
could no way help the people
especially the suffering border
dwellers and flood-victims, it was
useless to stay back without any
"The party feels very strongly that
PDP must respect the mandate and form the government, particularly when it has the members with the
unconditional support of National
Conference," Rana said.
He said that "escapism" has added
to the woes of common masses
across the state.
"Such a complacent attitude was
also against the spirit of democratic
ethos," he said and hoped that the
state will come out of the prevailing uncertainty.

Mudasir 4K

Dream Pro
25 Dec 2012
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NC and PDP in blame game over Guv rule in Jk

The National
Conference and rival Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) were today
locked in a blame game over Jammu
and Kashmir being brought under
Governor’s rule following the
prolonged stalemate over formation
of a government in the state.
The BJP on its part said the turn of
events was an “evolving” situation
and that the party was in talks with
both PDP and NC for forming a
NC leader and former Chief Minister
Omar Abdullah while blaming PDP
for the development accused its
patron Mufti Mohammed Sayeed of
continuing the deadlock in a bid to
get a full six-year term as chief
“It’s been months since the state
had a full fledged administration
and the people can’t wait for Mufti
Sayeed to negotiate his six-year
term,” Omar tweeted shortly after
the state was put under Governor’s
Omar, the NC’s Working President,
said restoration and rehabilitation in
the aftermath of the floods in the
state was suffering as accountable
administration was absent besides a
humanitarian problem on the
“Yet the @jkpdp would like the
limbo to continue as people suffer
only so the Mufti can force a 6 yr
term as CM from the BJP,” he said.
Omar had asked the Governor to
relieve him as a caretaker Chief
Minister on Wednesday as he
believed that a full-fledged
administration was required to help
the people of the state.
He termed as “amazing” PDP’s
contention that NC’s offer of support
to in in government formation was
“For the @jkpdp to claim that my
offer to them was a non-serious one
is amazing. They know who the
intermediary was so they should ask
him,” Omar said. The NC had offered
support to the PDP, which has 28
MLAs in the 87-member state
Assembly. Election results were
announced on December 23.
“I’m sorry after an election with such
a good turnout we have a situation
of Governor’s rule but as I’ve
maintained the onus lies with
JKPDP,” he said.
While BJP and PDP have claimed that
back channel talks were on, there is
no clarity on the progress made in
these parleys as both parties have
maintained a wait-and-watch
The PDP blamed Omar for forcing
Governor’s rule. “We had time till
January 19 to form a government but
the situation has been forced (on
the state) by Omar,” PDP chief
spokesman Naeem Akhtar said.
Akhtar said his PDP was in talks with
various political parties for formation
of a stable government.
“We could have forged an alliance …
We are in touch with different
parties as informal channels are
open with all parties,” he said.
The PDP spokesman said the party
will continue its efforts for formation
of a stable government in the state.
“We are hopeful that we will be able
to form a stable government soon,”
he added.
BJP President Amit Shah said talks
are in progress with both the PDP
and NC over government formation.
BJP with 25 seats was in the second
“Our talks are going on with the two
parties in Kashmir. We will let you
know once there is a development.
We are trying to form a BJP
government in the state,” Shah told
reporters in Vijaywada.
Union Minister and senior BJP leader
Ravi Shankar Prasad said the
development is an “evolving

Anup Tiwari

Dream Expert
10 Aug 2013
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Bad news. I think every parties of kashmir should support jammu people's choice. And make goverment with bjp. 33% vote bjp and 32% vote got pdp. So without bjp jk govt is bad idea


26 Feb 2012
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Its a bad news......

After 1 year again reelection :wall

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