Guddu and Runjhun decide to consummate their marriage


7 Apr 2011
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Zee TV’s show Bhagonwali witnessed some romantic moments between Guddu (Himmanshoo Malhotra) and Runjhun (Nivedita Tiwari) and in the upcoming episodes the couple will decide to consummate their marriage. However, things will not be smooth for them as they will have to face lot of hurdles.

Our source informs, “It took a lot of time but eventually Guddu and Runjhun realised and confessed their love for each other. In the upcoming episodes, Guddu and Runjhun will plan to take their relationship to the next level by consummating their marriage. However, the consummation will not be easy as a family priest will inform Guddu’s mother that Runjhun’s stars are not favourable and she needs to perform a task in order to get rid of the ill omen.”

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