DTH updates [Guide] How to set favourite channels on SunDirect

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1 Aug 2014
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Step 1 : Press Menu button on your SunDirect remote, now menu will pop-up as shown in image, next scroll to ' channel ' option, now select ' TV Manager ' and press OK from nevigation from remote.


Step 2 : Now you'll see ' TV Program Edit ' pop-up on your screen, here press blue '🔵' button on your remote. After that you'll see '🔵 Fav' written on screen will highlight.


Step 3 : Here you'll redirected to Favorite TV channel section where you can select the list you want add. Also by pressing Red đź”´ button on your remote can rename the list.


Step 5 : Now press side ↔️ arrow key on remote and you will see the blue strip option will bounce to Program line where all channels are mentioned.


Step 6 : Now keep scrolling through channels you want to set in your dedicated fav list. And, keep pressing Red đź”´ button. Channel will added as shown in image.



Now, in end press EXIT on remote, the pop-up will ask to save the settings press YES and here you are done.
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Related post from earlier.
I am using Sun Direct's favorite option. I find it to be quite good after the UI update last month.

Once we add channels, the favorites can be directly accessed by the FAV button in the remote control. As soon as we add channels to them, each Favorite (1 to 8) gets added to the OK button channel list menu as the last item.

I renamed Favorite 1 and 2 as Custom 1 and 2, and added a bunch of channels to each.

Now both Custom 1 and Custom 2 are listed under the OK button menu as the last 2 items.

Once I select a channel within Custom 1 or 2 by using the FAV button, then I am able to use the Program Down or Up buttons to go to the next or previous channel within Custom 1 or Custom 2.

Once we reach the last or first channel within a Favorite, pressing the Program Up or Down buttons circles us back to the first or last channel within that Favorite.

I no longer use the OK button to bring up the channel list menu. I am only using the FAV button. It directly takes me to Custom 1 or Custom 2.
How many channels we can set it as favt as maximum?

At the least, that is the case in my STB model (Model: HSG002 Type: SD Box with in-built Smart Card).

I just tested it by adding ALL of the available channels (466?) to 'Favorite 3' in my STB. It got saved.

Favorite 3 then showed up as the last item in the 'OK button' menu, as well as the last item in the 'FAV button' menu.

All of the channels were present under Favorite 3!

We can create 8 Favorites in total, 'Favorite 1' to 'Favorite 8'. I currently have 2 Favorites in my STB, renamed as Custom 1 and Custom 2. Please read my earlier post in this thread for details.
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