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Happy April Fools Day


30 Aug 2013
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☄☄☄april flowers "before saying someone must know the real truth. !!
Earlier this month, saying the holy folly Day !!
Why even say April Fools (APR means full - day foolishness of Hindus). ??
The name is an invention of British Christians ...
Understand how stupid Hindu "April Fools" means big days running random April Fools, April fool ???
What this means. ?? Indeed, when Christianity was imposed by the British, we have New Year January 1, according to Vikram Samvat the people used to make their new year on April 1, which is celebrated by Hindus still true today, even in our books of accounts and banks closed on March 31 and are being introduced from April 1, at a time when India was the slave plot to destroy Christianity by Vikram Samvat folly Day on April 1 "April Fool" was named after the folly of our civilization now Think of how many right as you say April Fools.?
Remember April and festivals related to historical day
1. The day of the Hindu holy month begins (Shukla Pratipada)
2. Hindus -riwajh manner are made according to the calendar of all the day.
3. Dates of Maharaja Vikramaditya began this day.
4. The birth of Lord Rama comes in this month.
5. Dr. HH. KB Hedgewar's birthday g.
6. This day is supposed to give direction to the world.
British Christians, Hindus were opposed to the Hindu festivals of the day were called foolish and you're very gracefully Hindu. !!
No evidence of slave mentality flowers write April. !!
April Fools Indian eternal calendar, which had followed him to forget the whole world and was created for fun. In 1582 Pope Gregory ordered that adopt the new calendar, which was the first day of the new year on January 1st.
People who refused to accept it, he started to laugh on April 1 and April 1, gradually instead of having another day of New Year's Day has become a fool all the people of India and an affront to their own culture April flower Day is celebrated.
Wake Hindus Jago☄☄☄
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