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Has Colors removed Comedy Nights With Kapil episodes from the internet?


21 Jun 2013
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The war between Colors and Kapil Sharma is now in the open. Hindi general entertainment channel Colors has apparently taken off all the episodes of Comedy Nights With Kapil from the internet. None of the episodes are available, either on the official website of Colors ( not even in the 'Off Air' section ) or on the YouTube channel of the show.
If you still do not know about the fallout between Colors and Kapil Sharma you have definitely been living under a rock. Here's a small reminder. In December last year, Kapil Sharma announced that he was winding up his iconic show Comedy Nights With Kapil. The reason? He felt Colors was sidelining his show for another newer comedy show, Comedy Nights Bachao. Kapil was unhappy with the fact that the new show on the same channel was being given more attention in terms of promotion, and also featured celebrity guests and gags, similar to the format of his show.
"I understand the pressure on the channel to work towards making their shows a hit, but not at the cost of sabotaging an established one. They told us that their comedy slot is working in the weekend, which doesn't seem true as their previous comedy experiments failed miserably. They introduced a new show in the time slot vacated by us when we went weekly from bi-weekly. It's perfectly fine to launch new shows, but no two programmes should have similar content and celebrities. I have great respect for people heading the channel. However, I don't want to be part of the crowd and hence, I decided to call it a day," Kapil had said then.
Colors did not waste too much time in finding a replacement. Comedians Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh, who co-host Comedy Nights Bachao, were roped in within weeks for the show now renamed Comedy Nights Live.
In the meantime, several theories started doing the rounds related to the Colors-Kapil fallout, the strongest being Kapil's high-handed attitude and breach of contract.
After almost a month of silence from both parties, Colors CEO Raj Nayak on Monday confirmed that the channel had to let go off Kapil and his show because of his rigidity.
In an interview to The Times Of India, Raj revealed that as a channel, Colors wanted movie stars to feature on Comedy Nights Bachao too as both shows are the channel's property and they deserved equal promotion, but this didn't go down well with Kapil.
"His managers started panicking when in terms of ratings, Comedy Nights Bachao started doing well and better than Comedy Nights With Kapil in some episodes. And instead of working with our creative team and finding ways to reinvent and make the show ratings better, they kept living in denial and started casting aspersions on the channel," Raj told TOI.
And now, the channel has removed all the episodes of the show featuring Kapil Sharma and his team of actors from the internet. None of the episodes can be found on either their official channel or the official YouTube account. It's almost as if they want to deny Kapil and his team any further publicity. Until Kapil and Co. come up with a fresh show on another channel, will it become out of sight, out of mind for fans?
Even earlier, it was reported that the channel had dropped the last episode of the show (originally set to be aired on January 17) featuring Kapil, but eventually aired a week later (January 24) after inviting flak from the viewers.
Amid all this Kapil Sharma has maintained stony silence over the controversy. Even his co-actors haven't said anything more than, "yes, there were issues with the channel."
Preeti Simoes, Creative director of Comedy Nights With Kapil, however, did express her disappointment with the channel for crediting itself for Kapil's success. Indian Express quoted Preeti as saying, "You think so. He first won Laughter Challenge. The first show he did was for MH1. He won Laughter Challenge , Laughter Challenge made Kapil. He won six seasons of Comedy Circus and Comedy Circus made Kapil. It is the talent that makes one what he or she is. Nobody makes anybody."
While the war continues, the real loss is that of fans. Removing the episodes from the internet may be fair or unfair with Kapil Sharma but the action totally unfair for the fans. Depriving one of his/her user experience, is a poor move and will certainly make a dent in Colors popularity.

Has Colors removed Comedy Nights With Kapil episodes from the internet?


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1 Aug 2014
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I have updated about this earlier although nice post
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