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Hashan Tillakaratne alleges match fixing in Sri Lanka

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Zeecric Bureau

Colombo: Former Sri Lanka captain Hashan Tillakaratne came out with startling revelations on Friday, saying that match-fixing was common in the nation’s cricketing circles from a long time.

“Why were four players changed for the final? If we don’t stop this, we will become like Pakistan,” he said. Tillakaratne alleged that fixing was being done since 1992 and promised to come out with names in the future.

"I can tell this in agreement with my conscience. Match fixing is not something that started happening yesterday or today. According to my knowledge, it happened since 1992. I say this with great responsibility"

"I am not saying that this match (The World Cup final) was fixed. But anyway match fixing is something which has been in this country over a period of time. This has spread like a cancer today" Tillakaratne said.
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