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Help, query Favourite channel list


27 May 2020
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Today i had installed Airtel xstrem box instead of upgrading my tata sky SD to Binge+.

I found Google assistance is very slow when compared to Amazon fire stick, alexa. any solution?

Secondly already gone through thread of favoutire channel not in order also no easy navigation on xstream box. can we use older remote from airtel HD box to navigate faourite on xstrem box ?

Does binge+ also having same issue of no faourite list, or ww can set from 900 to 949 like HD/SD stb of tata sky?

Thirdly, i have got this box installed under airtel one plan , 2 postpaid +1 DTH at monthly rent of rs899.

Does any active airtel One customer let me know, does Airtel DTH allow me to select lower or just NCF,rs153 plan and few al-a carte channel. I know that in that case my DTh getting acumulated with excess balance. because every month once bill gets generated, airtel automatically rechage with rs413 in DTH Subsciber ID?

Fourthly, if i wanted to install secondry box under this Airtel One DTH, then DH account adjust DBR if total total of both boxes comes under rs413 , I mean primary box after dowgrading from rs413 to say Rs300 + secondary box on Rs100, including NCF of 62.?

I know such complex thing might not have been done by anyone.
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