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History TV18 to kick off 2016 with new episodes of ‘Pawn Stars’ and ‘Buried Alive’


30 Aug 2013
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History TV18, which is home to ‘Pawn Stars’, is set to kick off 2016 with new episodes of the current season of the show starring the Harrison family.

While the Harrison family will keep audiences entertained with back-to-back episodes during the week from 10 pm to 11 pm, ‘Buried Alive’ will keep them entertained on the first Sunday of 2016.

‘Buried Alive’ will air on 3 January at 12 noon and 8 pm.

Starting February, History TV18 is also going to bring an all new season of ‘Pawn Stars’.

The show brings the viewers inside the doors of Harrison’s family-run pawnshop in Las Vegas, where three generations of men jointly run the business using their sharp-eyed skills.

This family lives and breathes the pawning business.

Reality television’s favourite stars will be back in 2016 with more skills, hilarious on-screen antics, clashes and camaraderie.

On the other hand, ‘Buried Alive’ is an extreme event and one of the most chilling psychological experiments where three people are buried alive in an effort to conquer their darkest fears.

In this two-hour live event, the participants will be sealed in underground coffins and closely monitored under scientific conditions as they endure a series of escalating horrors designed to test the strength of their psyches.

Read more at: http://www.televisionpost.com/television/history-tv18-to-kick-off-2016-with-new-episodes-of-pawn-stars-and-buried-alive/ | TelevisionPost.com
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