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I Completed 1 Year In This Lovely Forum


24 Mar 2015
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I have completed 1 year in this forum....and on this occasion I want to thank everyone for their heartiest compliments which made me more active in the forum and special thanks to
@Anup Tiwari & @sam
bros....thank you all very much and in case I forgot anyone's name than please don't take it on heart because you all have very much respect for all of you in my life and to show that respect I will be available for everyone of you in present and in future and....if my post hurted anyone's feeling then very sorry...I hope that with all of your support I will keep posting and sharing in this forum in future also [emoji106]

Deepu Darling

*Sandeep Reddy*
Staff member
6 Sep 2014
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heartly congratulations @ samand bro :clap :hs :tup :eek:hya :luv


Dream Legend
5 Jan 2015
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Hearty Congratulations @samand bro :tup:) .. All the best for your future in DDF :tup:hs:luv:) .. Note: Our admin Bapun Raz bro and Smod Sadiq bro names mispelled in post #01 .. plz correct it bro ..
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