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I was looted by tatasky

Piyush gupta012

14 Apr 2016
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Tatasky would be one of the big time cheaters you can ever experience in your lifetime.

Not only money, you will waste your precious time which you cannot value, I have to leave all my work & speak to their customer care representatives who are trained to say NO.

I have great regard for TATAs for what they have done for the country but this typical Tatasky people are insane.

Time for Tatasky to show some ethics and stop cheating people.

My subscriber ID is 1181757897. I bought this useless tatasky connection in February with one year subscription (such a big fool i am, i did not know that time these people are cheaters/robbers, else i would have taken only 5 days subscription or minimum) and from the very first day i am facing problems of connection error/network error often. Even if the weather conditions are good, still it shows network error.

I spent so much time to lodge complaints on customer care numbers and problem was resolved on temporary basis. I ask them to clearly mention in my complain that if these errors will occur again.. Discontinue my service and reimburse my hard earn money.

But as i said above problems were resolved on temporary basis and i faced same problem again and again.. So finally after wasting so much time with these useless customer care people, i asked them to discontinue my service and reimburse my hard earn money i paid for this useless and such a rubbish service.

So finally they disconnected my service after few day of my last complaint (without informing me) and when i asked when i will get my money back.. They people just refused and said it was informed to you that money will not reimburse whereas it was not informed (recordings can be checked) and it make no sense as i have paid for one year subscription and i was bound to USE this USELESS service because its my hard earn money.

Ultimately my name was added in the list of people looted by tatasky.

So finally i can say.. These people are robbers.. They are PERFECTLY trained to say NO. They have so much confidence to prove you wrong. And without helping you and resolving your issues.. These bloody robbers ask.. KYA HUM APKI OR KOI SAHAYETA KAR SAKTE HAIN. What the hell. Abe help karne ke liye nahi customer ko lootne ke liye bhethe ho tum log.

I have never use any DTH service but i can say this tatasky service is such a useless service ever. AND THEY ARE REALLY SITTING THERE TO JUST TO MAKE YOU FOOL.

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