India Accounted for 7Percent of OnePlus OneShipments in 2014 (1 Viewer)


28 Sep 2013
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OnePlus, soon after announcing it would
be opening an R&D centre in Europe, on
Monday unveiled the report card for its
debut year - 2014. The annual report
card gives details on the company's
shipments, regions where the
smartphones were sold, total team
strength, and more.

The OnePlus report card comes in the
form of an infographic on the OnePlus
forum. According to the post, the
company in 2014 sold 39 percent of its
One smartphones in East Asia regions
(including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong),
followed by 32 percent, 22 percent and
percent in Europe (including Austria,
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France,
Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portuga
Spain, Sweden, the UK), North America
(including Canada and the USA) and
India respectively.

On the revenue front, OnePlus
smartphone generated more than $300
million (roughly Rs. 1,850 crores) until
December 2014. It is worth mentioning
that the handset started shipping only in
June last year.

The firm's forum members are mostly
from the US region (around 16-17
percent) followed closely by India
(roughly 15 percent), Italy (roughly 7
percent), Germany (roughly 6 percent),
England (roughly 5 percent) and others.
The total number of forum members gre
from 0 to around 450,000 in the span of
eight months starting mid-March. Also,
in one year (December 2013 - December
2014) , the total number of OnePlus
forum posts rose from 24 to 8,656,060.

OnePlus added that it spent 10.8 million
minutes answering tickets under its
Customer Support. It further mentioned
details about its team strength. The
OnePlus team strength grew from mere
six members in December 2013 to 88 in
one year. The team's gender ratio is 47
percent male and 53 percent female,
hailing from 13 different countries. The
average age of the employees is 25.6

Though it is too early to guess, the
company responsible for making the
'Flagship Killer' One smartphone might
show a better and more impressive repor
card for this year as it has a couple of
smartphones lined-up.

OnePlus Co-Founder, Carl Pei, last week
revealed plans about setting up an R&D
centre in Europe in the second half of
2015. Interestingly, Pei in his post also
tagged an article that reported Sony will
cut around 1,000 additional jobs in its
smartphone division. There is little doub
that Pei is tipping that the employees
from the Japanese company are most
welcome to join the OnePlus team.

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