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India News Rajasthan & many others


3 Nov 2010
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Dharm TV started on 4081 V, MPEG-4, FTA,
Munsif TV replaced ATV on 4091 V, FTA,
News Plus started on 3725 H, MPEG-4, FTA.
Mayabazar started on 4050 V, FTA.
Blessing Kids started on 4054 H, MPEG-4, FTA.
Hit 7 Vision Shiksha started on 4054 H, FTA.
India News Rajastahan started on 3643 V, MPEG-4, FTA,
Frontier TV started on 3953 V, MPEG-4, FTA. On 26th
Ishwar TV started on 3725 H, MPEG-4, FTA,
Stew Channel started on 3520 H, FTA
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