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India tops the world in content censorship, Facebook’s second transparency (1 Viewer)


7 Jan 2014
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India tops the world in content censorship, Facebook’s second transparency report shows

Facebook has released its second transparency report for government requests between July and December 2013.

The US had the most number of requests for user accounts, but India leads when it comes to censoring content. India was also second on the list when it came to asking for access to user accounts and in terms of total requests as well, even ahead of the UK.

In all, the Indian government made a total of 3,598 requests, and asked for access to over 4,711 accounts. Facebook complied with over 53.66 percent request which is a fairly proportion. Facebook’s report also notes that India had over 4765 requests for content censorship. The report says that Facebook “restricted access in India to a number of pieces of content reported primarily by law enforcement officials and the India Computer Emergency Response Team under local laws prohibiting criticism of a religion or the state.”

As far as United States was concerned, it asked for a total of 12,598 requests and over 18,715 users or accounts. Facebook complied with 81.02 percentage of requests. United Kingdom was third on the list with a total of 1,906 requests. The number of accounts requested were 2,277 and Facebook has complied with 71.30 percent of the requests.

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