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DDF Exclusive Installed New Tata Sky Binge+ STB

Anish Pai

1 May 2011
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Hi Guys,

Hope you all are doing great. I was interested in this STB since the day it was launched, so finally i got it :). Paid Rs 3999 and got 6 months of Binge+ Pack Free.

Here are some Pics.

Outer Box:






Now coming to the review:

What I Liked:
  1. The PQ and AQ is awesome. I could make out that it was better than my HD STB, using on a 43" FHD LED TV.
  2. Excellent hardware quality, looks premium with the TS logo that lights up (glows) when in ON Mode.
  3. Remote is universal, uses bluetooth for STB use and IR to control TV, again looks premium, and great build quality with imprinted TS logo.
  4. Android OS is smooth and fast, Boot time of STB is less than a minute.
  5. TS UI is refreshing and looks nice.
  6. Mini Guide and Guide looks good with channel logos when scrolling.
  7. Option to Subscribe some channels directly from the STB.
  8. Google assistant if told channel name or LCN correctly will tune to that channel via voice search option.
  9. 7 Days catch up TV for some Channels. (requires internet)
  10. Option to refresh the account/STB from settings.
  11. Option to watch some live tv channels online via internet during rains/bad weather when there is no signal message.
  12. Exclusive Internet TV Channels including 4K Channels.
  13. Cloud Recording facility available is handy.
  14. Regular Software/UI Updates being done to increase usability.

Suggestions & Scope for Improvement:
  1. Add Netflix App which is not available at the moment
  2. Add option to Unsubscribe a Subscribed channel directly from STB.
  3. Some TS interactive service channels like TS Music, etc are missing in the STB.
  4. I dont know how to interact with some service channels that requires red, yellow, green, blue buttons that are available on normal STB remotes (these buttons are not there on binge+ remote)

Still studying the box, will add/update the points above once I find more. Will use 4K features once I buy a new 4K TV which will be soon :)
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20 Feb 2013
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Could you please check whether amazon prime video outputs dolby audio in this Stb
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