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Seeking Help Is there any three wheeler bike or scooter? (1 Viewer)

DJ Roy

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23 Aug 2018
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Okay, so growing up. My parents were way too protective. They never took my try wheels off my cycle. Now I am screwed. I need to buy a bike or scooter. But I am afraid about the balancing thing. I search through all websites. Only found one electric three wheeler scooter which cost about 1 lakh which is not affordable nor is there electric gas station nearby.

Are there any alternative three wheeler vehicle in the market? Can we also attached try wheels on existing scootys?

Anish Pai

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1 May 2011
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This is what I tell all my juniors who come for advice to me:

1. The right age to remove the balance wheels of cycle is around 10 years, thats when one needs to ride cycle without those extra wheels.
2. Since you didnt remove them and continue using, suggest u now remove and ride the cycle without them for 3-6 months.
3. Then once u become a pro in cycling, then apply for a LL and buy a scooter (suggest learn from a 2nd hand).
4. Once u are firm and stable on the scooter apply for DL (LL is valid for 6 months only)
5. The test is very strict and u must follow all traffic rules and be safe while riding.

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