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Jio Tunes can be set using MyJio app (1 Viewer)


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1 Feb 2019
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To use Jio Tunes you need to install latest version of My Jio app. Go to options menu on top left hand side, Select Jio Tunes. There you will find your current Jio Tune and an option to find and set new song/music as your Jio Tune.

Jio tunes a free service by Jio which allows callers to listen to a song or music instead of general ring.

Peviously to use Jio Tunes users have to install Jio Music (Now called Jio Savan) and find a button saying 'Set as Jio Tune' Not only that many songs were not available to set as Jio Tune. The company has made it a lot simpler and easier now.
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