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John Abraham row, Colors puts a stop on 'celebrity roasting' on Comedy Nights Bachao

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2 Aug 2015
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The channel has pulled a string and asked the makers to change the format of the show...

When Comedy Nights Bachao was launched, the format was quite different from other comedy shows. This, in fact, was a show that would roast the celebrities who decided to be a part of it. But sometimes, the makers did forget the line between decency and offence and crossed the limit.

John Abraham who recently was on the show to promote Force 2 was extremely miffed with Krushna Abhishek's stupid jokes on his acting ability. John who didn't find the jokes funny left in a huff, without completing the episode. Not just that, he was extremely angry with Krushna Abhishek, the host of the show who he shares a great bond with otherwise.

Following this incident, the channel has pulled the strings and asked the makers of CNB to change their format. According to a report on Spotboye.com, "this evening, the WhatsApp group of Comedy Nights Bachao writers got a message from their seniors which read on the lines of: 'Enough is Enough. Stop Writing Scripts Which Roast A Celebrity'."

This means that it took them a John Abraham to finally understand and relaise their mistakes. PReviously, a similar issue had cropped up when Tannistha Chatterjee walked out of the show after she was targeted for her skin colour. This decision surprisingly was not taken back then.

A source told the portal, "We had no intentions of hurting John, but the situation really got out of hand. Four writers pen this show, and this is the doing of one writer I really don't want to name. I wouldn't blame Colors for allowing such stuff to go on screen, but it is our Creative Head-director Nikul Desai who looks into every aspect and makes changes. This time, he did not change the lines which hurt John."

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