just wait for 15-20 days and u will see the difference

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29 May 2011
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i would like to tell u all that i have had a chat with airtel uplinking team and i have made them note down all video and ausio issues which i had listed in an e mail too and good news, settings modification work which has started yesterday will b completed within 15 to 20 days and u all will have great picture quality once agsin on ur sirtel dth connection. as u know right now there r some picture quality issues, and some bad ausio issues like mastii channel volume being low, ngc 4 audio feeds in bad clarity except bengali one and discovery tamil feed not in proper sync with video. i have forwarded list of channels categorised on basis of those having high pixellation and those having low pixellation and also had a chat for about an hour discussing the issues. the settings modification format is long and complex and i have understood it and surely within 3 weeks time it will b adjusted properly. so airtel users dont worry i have keenly noted each discrepency as i m technically well off and now airtel team has also shown great interest and since last night work has started on solving the issues. i will make sure the settings r adjusted properly so that u all get a good viewing experience. also within next 20 days some new services and channels will b added , so b prepared
dat's great news sir.......so can you tell us abut the channel addition and next software update is when happen?......also wht more improvemnts cpming in adtv?:luv
namo narayan said:
if any user of airtel digital tv has any query, he or she is free to ask

Do you know about star movies hd channels? when will they launch? please tell am waiting for past 4 months in airtel:(::(::(:

airtel is testing some channels - test 1-2-3-4 etc maybe asli HDs !!! :lol

well dear jenit dont confuse test 1 ,2 as channels, i will tell u airtel has some test channels like , TEST 2, TEST 3, TEST 4, TEST 5 ON transponder 11480h 25600. now the small lettered test 1 , test 2, test 3 on various transponders r test channels for interactive services and games, so differentiate betweeen small lettered test 1,2 etc and capital lettered TEST 1 , TEST 2, TEST 5 etc. which r test video channels.

well desr sudhakar i have a good news for u, 3 star hd channels will added soon, only star gold hd will not b added as per info. so just wait a little more for about 15 to 20 days, many changes will b seen
namo narayan said:
if any user of airtel digital tv has any query, he or she is free to ask

Do u know whether espn hd and star cricket hd will be added?? as the ads say that both channels start from july 15.
well no confirmed info on espn hd but star cricket hd might come. well negotiations r on but still no surity. will keep u updated as soon as i get confirmed news

@namo narayan

I have experienced that when we continuously change the channels, the mini guide shows "No Information Available".. It was not so before the updation of software. Can you get it rectified?
well buddy its not a major issue, epg r dealt by a software from third party so sometimes it may show ''no info available''. not to worry unless its rampant. if u r facing major issue, just switch off stb from remote and then mains and then press power button on stb for 1 minute. after than switch on, it will b resolved, if it still does not get resolved then reload the software thru 2465 method and still if it does not get resolved contact airtel to get box replaced. but first b sure for some channels it happens to me too but thats not a big issue as it gets resolved automatically
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