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Kanyadaan | Sun Bangla | Starts 7 December


4 Sep 2020
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Show - Kanyadaan
Promo - Boy's family has come to see the eldest girl of the family. Father of the girl asks her to bring the payesh (kheer - Indian cuisine) to the boy's family. She goes to the kitchen to bring it, where her rest 4 younger sisters exclaim how cutely the boy was looking at her, which they saw from behind. Then, they bring the food, and the boy's mother says that the girl's father's responsibility is almost done now. The father replies, "Does a girl's father's responsibility ever end, afterall this is the relation of blood."
Starting Date - 7th December (Monday), Everyday at 8.30 PM on Sun Bangla.
Channel - Sun Bangla
Promo given on Sun Bangla YouTube Channel on 11 November 2020.
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