Kucch Luv Jaisaa: Much ado about nothing

26 May 2011
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MUMBAI: Kucch Luv Jaisaa is a modern day family story.The film is about how a wife is taken for granted as the marriage grows old with neither the husband nor kids needing her except to look after their basics.

Shefaali Shah is an educated woman whose marriage is all rosy from the onset till she has two kids and the marriage is a decade old.

But a day comes when she snaps. It is 29 February, her birthday, and neither the husband nor kids remember to wish her. As would happen, she sulks, feeling sorry for herself but soon gathers herself and decides to make the most of her, once-in four years, birthday on her own.

Armed with her husband-financed credit card, she goes on a spending spree; first some new dresses, then a makeover at a beautician and finally gifting herself with a car.

Her way to get back at her husband, for forgetting her birthday, is by being incommunicado all day. In a coffee shop, she meets this man on the run, Rahul Bose, with police on his trail.

Hereon, one would hope for some exciting moments but, instead, this is from where the film starts going downhill, becoming a drab and boring affair. Thinking that he is some detective on a case, she wants to join him for a day to assist him to make her birthday memorable.

Then on, both stay closeted in a hotel room getting an insight into each other's lives. Through flashbacks, the viewer is told that it is 'almost love' between the two. Well, in films anything can happen, anything except what should be an interesting tale.

The story idea has a spark and could have been developed into an exciting drama; there is no drama as such in this film. The casting does not leave much scope for romance either.

The direction is patchy with no eye for detail. The musical score is monotonous with the songs sounding like a continuation. Editing is slack. Mainly based on two characters, their performances do nothing to grab attention; Shefaali Shah overacts, Rahul Bose is ill at ease with his character.

Kucch Luv Jaisaa fails on all counts from content to chemistry and hence has no entertaining value.

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