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Landing Channel Announcement by NXT

Akash Solanki

Cable TV Expert
13 Jan 2019
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‼️ *Landing Channel Announcement* ‼️

Dear All,

Please note that the Set Top Box landing channel *LCN 100 on NXTDIGITAL-HITS Networks * is getting changed effective Monday 8th August 2022.
 *NXTDIGITAL-HITS Kannada South Network* and *NXTDIGITAL-HITS AP / TL Network* will get *Republic TV*channel on LCN 100.
 *NXTDIGITAL-HITS Rest of India Network* and *NXTDIGITAL-HITS East Network* will get *News 18 India* channel on LCN 100.

Customers who have already subscribed Republic TV and News 18 India channel will continue to enjoy without any error message.

 *SONY BBC Earth* Channel will be now available for –
 *NXTDIGITAL-HITTS Kannada South Network on LCN 929*
 *NXTDIGITAL-HITS AP / TL Network on LCN 858*

 *SONY SAB* Channel will be now available for –
 *NXTDIGITAL-HITS Rest of India Network on LCN 170*
 *NXTDIGITAL-HITS East Network on LCN 170*

*In case you are getting improper LCN, Please do Auto Scanning to get all channels in proper sequence*.
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