Launch of GSAT-8 set for May 20


7 Apr 2011
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The GSAT-8, carrying 24 Ku-band transponders used in DTH services and the first Indian satellite navigation system, Gagan, that will help the country's aviation sector with improvement in GPS facility, will be launched in the Ariane 5 vehicle from Kourou in French Guiana on May 20.

All tests and review of the satellite, weighing 3,120 kg, will be performed on June 1, Indian Space Research Organisation chairman K. Radhakrishnan said here on Saturday.
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Launch of Gsat-8 delayed by a day

BANGALORE: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has announced that the launch of its Gsat-8 scheduled from Kourou, French Guiana, onboard Ariane-V (VA 202 flight) in the early hours of 20 May has been postponed by one da (21 May).

The postponement is due to certain additional inspection that has been taken up by the launch agency, Arianespace. The exact schedule for launch will be confirmed later.

The shortage of transponders has been aggravated by the recent loss of nearly 50 transponders by Isro as two satellites - GSAT-5P and GSAT-4 - failed to launch. The functioning of a working satellite Insat-4B was hampered due to a power snag switching off half of its 24 transponders.

The Gsat-8 spacecraft, envisaged to augment the growing need of Ku band transponders, carries 24 Ku Band transponders and 2 Channel GAGAN (GPS And GEO Augmented navigation) payload. The spacecraft employs the standard I-3K structure with power handling capability of around 6 KW and has a lift off mass of 3100 k.

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