Mahesh Bhatt: If Emraan doesn’t correct himself I will not talk to him


30 Aug 2013
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Filmmaker Mahsesh Bhatt is the latest in the
list of Bollywood celebrities to turn to Indian
television. Bhatt, who has conceptualised a
show on bonded labour, for a GEC, was in
Lucknow on Wednesday to promote the show.
On Tuesday, Bhatt was in Kanpur, for the
same reason.
"I came to Lucknow on Tuesday with the team
of the serial and we drove straight to Kanpur.
for a press conference there. I discovered
that the connectivity between Kanpur and
Lucknow is in a pathetic state. It took us
almost four hours to cover such a short
distance," he rued, adding "I honestly urge
the local administration to look into this, as it
was a painful experience for me."
LATEST ACT Apart from TV, Mahesh Bhatt is
also dabbling with acting these days, with a
cameo in R Balki's Shamitabh, starring
Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush. "Yes, I am
appearing in R Balki's film but as Mahesh
Bhatt itself," he says, adding, "Balki told me
that he had a scene for me where I have to
walk the red carpet with Dhanush. Now, there
is an unspoken rule in the film industry that
when our own fraternity member calls us for
something like this, we don't hesitate and
deliver what is expected. I did what has
traditionally been done in our industry for
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But Bhatt says acting is not his cup of tea. "I
don't want to be an actor, I am a filmmaker.
I have always been very clear that I don't
have the ability to memorize long and
complicated lines as that has never been part
of my upbringing. So, I am quite cautious
that the lines are given to me in advance and
are matched to my ability to deliver," he
NOT A CALL AWAY Apart from work, Bhatt
also made news for his war of words with
nephew Emraan Hashmi on Twitter. It all
started when Emraan alloted 10 days to
promote his film, Raja Natwarlal, that Bhatt
claims the actor had promised to devote to
wrap up their film, Mr. X. However, all this is
now being looked upon as a publicity stunt to
promote Emraan's upcoming film. "Why
would I do publicity for a corporate house
which is at loggerheads with the production
house that I am part of? I was quite upset
with Emraan and stated things as they were.
It is not done - you can't give dates allotted
for my movie to some other film. What I say
behind anyone's back, I say in front of him
too," says Bhatt.
When asked why he choose Twitter over a
phone call to communicate with Emraan, his
nephew, Bhatt says, "I didn't make a call to
him because I wanted to make him
answerable to the world. It was my only
objective. If I can praise him publicly, I can
criticize him publicly too."
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