Mallika had no role in Murder2: Emraan Hashmi

26 May 2011
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Emraan Hashmi is of the opinion that Mallika Sherawat had no role in Murder 2 since Jacqueline suited the role better.

"I think you will realise why Mallika is not there and Jacqueline is, only after watching the film. This role was apt for Jaqueline and not for Mallika. In fact she had no role in this film" says Hashmi.

He further informs though it's a Murder sequel the stories are completely different. "Both the stories have different settings. Murder was Anurag Basu's film and M2 is Mohit Suri's interpretation on flesh trade and much more bold issues. I think this is more disturbing film. My character is more organized. I play an ex-cop who used to work with Goa police."

When asked about the film being called as 'soft p**n' Emraan reacted, "If people feel its soft p**n, it's alright. According to me, it's a suspense thriller. It's not just about bold scenes but more than that." He concludes.
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