Mausam movie review and collections

Ravi budhwar

21 Apr 2011
Reaction score
Critic's Rating:3 OUT OF 5
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak, Aditi Sharma
Direction: Pankaj Kapur
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Avg Readers Rating: 4OUT OF 5

Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi
Mallo Malli
Saj dhaj ke
Aaya Mausam Dosti ka

Story: Harinder Singh aka Harry ( Shahid Kapoor), whiles away his time in his native village, waiting for the letter to join the Indian Air Force. But before the letter arrives, he falls in love with Aayat ( Sonam Kapoor), the displaced Kashmiri girl who lands up in the village when Kashmir falls prey to insurgency. However, the ill-fated romance gets disrupted by the political events like the Ayodhya dispute, the Mumbai bomb blasts, the Kargil war, the Gujarat riots.... The world simmers, violence spreads, but love never dies as Harry and Aayat keep hoping for a re-union, despite the passing years and the turbulent landscape

Movie Review: Mausam begins on a beautiful note. Loads of atmospherics, mood, sentiment and stunning visuals of a sleepy rural backdrop, captured in arresting mode by cinematographer Binod Pradhan make you sit back determined for an artistic tryst with cinema. Sonam's shy femininity as the anguished Kashmir migrant, trapped in alien terrain and Shahid Kapoor's boyish buoyancy add a spark to the proceedings as does their old-fashioned style of romance.

Yes, the allure of the first half of the film lies in the vintage love story which proceeds through unsaid words, unexpressed feelings, stolen glances and lots of melody (Pritam Singh). The affair which begins in 1992, before the demolition of the Babri mosque has an oriental charm to it and makes for some moments of great viewing. It's not only Shahid and Sonam, but the entire ensemble cast comprising the villagers that lend a spontaneity to the proceedings. The demolition of the mosque and the political turmoil that ensues puts a brake on the tender banter and causes the lovers to separate. Aayat leaves for Mumbai and Shahid joins the Air Force.

And it's here that director Pankaj Kapur seems to lose his grip, at least partially, on the story which crosses continents and slips on the natural charm and high emotional quotient that made the first half eminently watchable. The lovers meet again in Scotland, but a Mozart concert can never really compensate for the rustic splendour of misty greens, mustard fields and rain drenched terraces. Too many comings and goings, meetings and separations, missed calls and opportunities, spurred on by the cataclysmic political events of the nation, tire you with their repetition, even as the evolution of Sonam into a style diva robs her off her native innocence. Shahid's daredevil Air Force pilot too loses a bit of depth as he battles too many odds: an unfulfilled romance, enemy bunkers on Tiger Hill and a debilitating battle injury. Cut to the climax -- the lovers trapped on a burning street during the Gujarat carnage -- and things slip completely out of hand.... Too bizarre, too unnecessary, bordering on the ludicrous.

Don't be dissuaded however, for Mausam has lots to offer to the viewer who doesn't mind his cinema languorous, laid back and moody, with loads of beauTY
Mausam film will not take a huge opening but first day collections around 6cr. Guys what's your review for mausam
Mausam took a descent opening and collected as per early estimate around 7cr. And this is highest collection ever by a shahid kapoor's film.the weekend collections may be 22-25cr.
i think this film will its not looking like not anything in it.....just a simple love story...that's

My friends mausam have mixed review.the film works or not it will depend on weekdays.but the weekend looks like good
Mausam film has not shown any growth as his collections are stood similar as on friday 6.5cr. And now the two days collections are 13cr. If sunday shows a little bit growth as expected the collections should be around 21cr. In the weekend.but one thing is good is this is highest collections by a shahid kapoor's movie last time badmaash company collected 13cr. In the weekend and kaminey 17cr.

Thanks to all who sharing their views. Now back to the point the film mausam is descent in the weekend .as per early estimates the sunday collections are around 8cr.
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