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Maybe D2H ROl Will Trf to 95 E in Upcoming Month


16 Jun 2020
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Earlier l had received call from non official D2H cc number to DVR upgrade to RF remote HD box for 799 ₹. CC told me that after few day l will unable to enjoy D2H dth & l have to upgrade box. l didnt excited for the offer they gave next offer for ₹ 599. ln both offer they were giving cricket HD channel for free for 30 day or 365 day l dont exactly remember now.

l really felt bad that l imagining finally my DVR will upgrade to new firmware and they will place earlier little new logo and after move to 95 l will enjoy regular available newly launched FTA channel for free & immediate.

l got it DVR model firmware upgrade not ordinary method like other D2H box. To firmware upgrade DVR model they have to engage their engineer to come home and they already know all DVR model out of warranty that why they have no importance for the countable DVR connection.

l think D2H will move ROl to 95 E.

Anybody received any call from D2H...
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