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28 Nov 2012
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Free-To-Air 4K TV Channel 'Fashion One' Now On MeaSat-3A

The MeaSat-3a satellite now offers a treat to all, viewers Asia Pacific, Middle East, Australia and East Africa. It now downlinks, Free-To- Air the Ultra High Resolution (4K) channel "Fashion One 4K."

The channel is the first English language Ultra HD channel launched globally.


Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV currently provides the highest possible TV picture resolution and clarity.

Each UHD TV picture consists of 4 times the pixels (dots) contained in a HD TV picture.

UHD TV requires special UHD TV capable, MPEG-4 satellite receivers and UHD television sets.


Fashion One 4K was launched on September 1, 2015. It is downlinked FTA from the MEASAT-3a satellite at the 91.5 degrees East. The channel uses MPEG-4 compression and is un-encrypted. Through the MeaSat-3a, Fashion One 4K reaches over 130 million viewers across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Australia and East Africa.

Fashion One has been available from the Measat- 3A as a HD channel & has been upgrading its production format from HD to Ultra HD since 2014. It now owns an extensive library of Ultra HD content with 100% content rights.

Fashion One 4K currently carries the latest fashion and entertainment content such as new seasons of the active lifestyle series Model Yoga, the global culinary adventures of Fashion On A Plate, and the sustainable fashion docu-series Eco Fashion. Other programming includes specials like The Ultimate Style Guide and Fashion Around the Globe, leaving something for everyone.


Measat's 6 satellites provide communication services to leading international broadcasters, DTH platforms and telecom operators.

The Measat fleet includes the MEASAT-3, MEASAT-3a & MEASAT-3b satellites co-located at 91.5°E, creating Asia's premium DTH and video distribution neighbourhood; MEASAT-2 at 148.0°E; and, MEASAT-5 at 119.5°E.

In Africa, the AFRICASAT-1a satellite at 46.0°E provides satellite capacity across the African continent with connectivity to Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Measat satellites service over 150 countries representing 80% of the world's population across Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Australia.

The MEASAT fleet will be further strengthened with the addition of MEASAT-2a at 148.0°E in 2017.

"Measat is delighted to partner with Fashion One again in supporting Fashion One 4K's launch. This collaboration continues Measat's track record of working with partners to pioneer the distribution of next generation video content in Asia," said Paul Brown-Kenyon, Chief Executive Officer, MEASAT.

"Our flexible solutions and collaborative approach led Fashion One to select MEASAT for the launch of Fashion One 4K. We look forward to working with more channels and content providers to help jump start this exciting new video segment," Paul added.


Fashion One 4K was launched simultaneously on multiple satellites, to provide a genuine global reach.

Fashion One 4K was launched concurrently on the SES-3 at 103 degrees West, reaching over 67 million households across North America.

The channel is also available on NSS-806 at 47.5 degrees West, to over 23 million households across South America.

In Europe, the channel is broadcasted under the brand Fashion 4K, reaching over 116 million households from 19.2 degrees East n
Can't track Measat as side lnb. Can someone provide its strongest TP, please!
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