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MediaSys plans stronger foothold in Television distribution services

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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MUMBAI: MediaSys has been partnering
broadcasters and advertisers in various areas, with
focus on providing relevant and actionable data
that would bring greater efficiency for the
investment made in media - through auditing,
planning & monitoring and looking beyond traditional approach to media. They have been in
the business of television consultancy for more
than 3 years backed by promoters having relevant
& updated knowledge in this domain. At present, the specific services offered by MediaSys
are MediaSys Distribution, MediaSys Digital and
MediaSys consulting. With growing demand we
have reinforced each of this team at various levels,
especially in Distribution & Planning with induction
of Joydip Kapadia, Ex. TAM VP Operations, joining as Director, MediaSys Distribution & Planning. MediaSys Distribution has been providing
placement audits and consultancy to its partners in
the domain of Television with Subrat Das heading
this division. With Joydip joining our fold, we plan
to move further by strengthening the current
offerings and add some more in the bouquet of services offered. In the last couple of years we have managed to
garner substantial equity in the area of channel
distribution audits by tracking channel connectivity
at MSO level across India. We plan to move further
by strengthening their current offerings and add
some more in the bouquet of services offered. With over 620 channels that can transmit content
via satellite over India, this generates a rush to
reach the drawing rooms of the viewer through an
analogue or a digital feed. Ground infrastructure
only allows 107 analogue channels to be
distributed through each MSO and about 250 digital channels whereas the demand is for over 500
channels to be distributed. This leaves a big gap
between the demand and supply. It has also led to creation of an Rs 2000+ Cr
carriage fee industry. This fee is paid by
broadcasters to the MSO's to show the channel on
the respective network and frequencies for which a
fee has been paid. This is where 'MediaSysKonnect'
comes into the picture. With a network of over 50 field representatives and more than 1500 reference
homes MediaSys distribution team reach the
ground levels to continuously monitor whether the
channel is being shown by the MSO's in their
networks on the agreed band and frequency.
MediaSys distribution team covers more than 650 MSO's across India and provides MediaSysKonnect,
the connectivity report every week to most
broadcasters and other users of this data. Joydip Kapadia says "The need to be available is
there for any product hence role of distribution
becomes critical. Similarly, in case of television you
will only get new trial if you are available at the
right band in the appropriate neighbourhood of
channels. Best of content can be nullified without strategic placement, this makes distribution very
critical. 'MediaSysKonnect' is a strong tool to acquire
ground intelligence. It goes a step ahead in helping
partners to strategise placements efficiently for best
reach. He further adds ' with 80-85% of TV still
watched on analogue platform and the huge investments required for the MSO's to stream digital
feed, digitisation will still take a while before it
becomes a dominant platform for content delivery'. MediaSys also provides customised service called
'MediaSys Stratedge' under which they provide
specialized services for strategy on content and FPC
apart from providing quantitative and qualitative
research services for more strategic solutions. 'MediaSys Premium' brings a very special service to
track audio/video quality of the signal at viewer
homes, tracking language feed and multiple
channels tracking per week.

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