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30 Aug 2013
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It’s summertime! And what better way to
celebrate than with music? In honor
of World Music Day on June 21, Bombay
and California-based YouTube multi
channel network Culture Machine brought
together 22 artists to cover a tune titled
after a popular Meher Baba expression: the
1988 Bobby McFerrin hit “ Don’t Worry, Be
Happy .
Here's a special
#WorldMusicDay2014 music video we
made featuring over 20 of our artists: Don't forget to share it!
11:56 AM - 21 Jun 2014
Culture Machine
YouTube @YouTube
Who are the singers taking part in this
collaborative desi rendition? It turns out
that these talented singers hail from
Pakistan, India, Zambia, Serbia, Australia
and other places around the world. For
more details on each one, read on.
1. Aditi Iyer
Nine-year-old Aditi Iyer lives in Haryana
and is inspired by Celine Dion and learning
opera. Visit her Facebook page managed by
her parents for the latest updates on this
young singing prodigy. Listen to her covers
of power ballads like Miley Cyrus’s
“ Wrecking Ball” or Mariah Carey’s “ Hero”
on her YouTube channel .
2. Mihir Joshi
Singer-songwriter Mihir Joshi’s got the
Mumbai Blues – that’s his band’s blues rock
debut album. The songs are about
everything from traffic jams and potholes to
relationships, break ups, and even one
about Sachin Tendulkar! The former radio
pro also has a bi-weekly YouTube show
called The MJ Show.
3. BlaaZe
Raised in Zambia, rapper BlaaZe grew up
breakdancing on sets designed by his
architect dad (and later went on to
participate in a intriguing rap kathak
performance ). He has collaborated with
A.R. Rahman and recently with a
Bollywood music channel to help create a
video encouraging Indians to exercise their
right to vote.
4. Aditya Narayan
Actor, singer and songwriter Aditya
Narayan hosted popular Indian reality TV
show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge and worked
on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela before
releasing his first independent single “ Tu Hi
Pyaar Hai” on Valentine’s Day. You can
catch new covers like this one of Pharrell’s
“ Happy ” by Narayan and the A Team on
5. Kunal Chaudhry
Singer, songwriter and composer Kunal
Chaudhry is an independent musician from
Mumbai. Black Couch Covers is his YouTube
channel. Chaudhry got into composing and
songwriting while in college. He also sings
and plays guitar for Sing a Smile . Here’s
his most recent cover:
6. East Side Story (Walnut Studios)
Lahore’s East Side Story is made up of
vocalist TG King (Tariq Gujjar, a lawyer by
profession) and lead guitarist/harmonica
player Casim Mahmood (ad-man by day).
They blend blues and Punjabi folk, and
believe that the genres have much in
common. Listen to their Punjabi folk blues
sound in their first single “Daaru Di Botal”
or in “Darlin Blues.”
7. Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears
(Walnut Studios)
Hassan Jamil Khan, popularly known as
Jimmy Khan, is a singer and songwriter
who formed the collaborative title Jimmy
Khan & The Big Ears for all the artists he
works with. This acoustic pop band from
Lahore, Pakistan, released its first album
this year with “ Nadiya” as the first single.
8. Kamna Karamchandani
This guitar-strumming artist has been
making original music and covering songs
like Sarah Bareilles’s “Brave ” on her
YouTube channel Kamna Karam Music.
Kamna performed her first solo acoustic gig
earlier this year in Mumbai, and she shares
her thoughts in text form at Kamna
Readable .
9. Ankita Sachdev
Ankita Sachdev, hailing from Sydney,
Australia, feels that “you can never
overdose on music” and that’s good because
she has plenty of songs in the Bollywood
vein to listen to on SoundCloud and
YouTube, with Bollywood covers like “ Mein
Pareshaan Pareshaan” from the movie
Ishaqzaade . She also had the opportunity to
sing one of her favorite A.R. Rahman
compositions to him on TV.
10. Ashwin Kulkarni (Vajra India)
Vajra is a Hindi heavy metal band and
Kulkarni plays lead guitar for it. He sports
a “Lord of the Strings” t-shirt and head
banger style in the band’s videos, including
this metal cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking
Ball.” Watch the band perform “Zeher” on
TV below.
11. Igor Vincetic (Binta Sound)
Igor Vincetic , from Belgrade, Serbia, is one
of the percussionists featured in the “Don’t
Worry, Be Happy” cover. Vincetic plays
calabash, talking drum, djembe, congas,
balaphone and kalimba. He visited Senegal,
Benin and Nigeria, where he learned and
played with percussion masters. His song
“Thank You Femi” is dedicated to famous
Nigerian afrobeat musician Femi Kuti.
12. Vasuda Sharma
The charming ukelele player in the “Don’t
Worry, Be Happy” collaboration is Vasuda
Sharma . Check out her a capella skills in
her version of 50s Bollywood track “ Hai
Apna Dil To Awara” or this pung-tastic
mash-up of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and
“Oye Oye.”
13. Aadar Malik
Actor, writer and stand-up comic Aadar
Malik is part of Mumbai-based sketch
comedy group Schitzengiggles. He uses his
singing talents to humorous effect in the
video “She Called Me Bhaiyya.”
14. Nirdosh Sobti
Guitarist and vocalist Nirdash Sobti has
been on music-based reality TV shows in
India. He was one of the winners of MTV
Rock On’s first season and recognized for
his guitar skills. Also, his ISKCON devotee
rock band Madhavas won third place in the
third season of India’s Got Talent.
15. Chintoo Bhosle
Chaitanya (Chintoo) Bhosle was part of the
Indian boy band called (what else?) A Band
of Boys, with #20 on this list. Chintoo was
born into a musical family as the grandson
of legendary playback singer Asha Bhosle.
Watch him in this cute Marathi
performance with his grandmother and
check out his intriguing mash-up of
“Jamaica Farewell” and retro Bollywood
song “Koya Koya Chand.”
16. Sarthak Mudgal
Sarthak Mudgal started playing tabla at the
age of 3 and plays classical tabla on the
guitar. He calls it guitar percussion. He also
jams on his guitar while smashing eggs on
his head. He calls it Eggtar . As he says on
his Facebook page, “I don’t believe in the
technicalities when it comes to playing
because all i believe is that FEEL is the most
integral aspect of music.”
17. Vivek Rajagopalan
Blending Carnatic, Hindustani, jazz, folk,
electronic and drum‐n‐bass, artist Vivek
Rajagopalan features global and indigenous
influences on his album in progress called
Music Prayer Rhythym People . The bilingual
track “Chakita Dang” is a collaboration with
his friend C.K. Loy and the video for it
features the shadow puppetry work of
puppeteer Anurupa Roy.
18. Ravi Iyer
Ravi Iyer plays on a two-necked guitar
called a vravi. According to his website , it’s
specially designed and custom handcrafted
to enable him to play on Indian as well as
western tuning. His favorite musical styles
as reflected in his playing are rock, jazz,
hindustani and carnatic classical styles. He
has released two albums — Rocking Raga
(2003) and Bend s (2013).
19. Prajoth D’Sa
Hailing from Udupi, software engineer
Prajoth D’Sa is passionate about singing
and popularly known as the “Sonu Nigam of
Coastal Karnataka” according to his website.
To listen to some of his a cappella stylings
and Bollywood covers, catch him on
20. Karan Oberoi
Karan Oberoi should be a familiar face to
Indian TV viewers from his work as an
actor (Dishayen , Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin ),
anchor and part of the Indipop boy band A
Band of Boys. (#15 on this list Chintoo
Bhosle was in the band with him.)
21. Faraz Sohail
Sohail is the lead vocalist and rhythm
guitarist for the group Wajood (Urdu for
“existence”). Visit the band’s Facebook page
for news about upcoming gigs in Mumbai
and other cities. Sample their sounds on
Wajood’s YouTube Channel.
22. Sheldon Pereira
Sheldon Pereira started singing at age 17
with his first band. Today he is the lead
singer of the band The Wild Side and gets a
kick out of performing in front of an
audience. After studying and working
around the world Pereira was inspired to
write a song about India because there’s “no
place like home.” Meet the 22 Musical Artists in This Desi Version of 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' - The Aerogram
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