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Motorola Confirms Rear Panel Defect in Some Google Nexus 6 Handset


19 Aug 2014
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Some Google Nexus 6 owners have recently reported about defective handsets being shipped to them where the rear panel has started coming off.

Motorola, the manufacturer of the Google Nexus 6 smartphones, has even acknowledged the issue on Twitter. The official Twitter handle of Motorola Suppor while replying to a Nexus 6 owner who received the defective handset twice confirmed the reports saying, "We're seeing a few."

@ChrisCannon396 We're seeing a few -- bad luck to get two! Do you need help getting this one replaced?

-- Motorola Support (@MotorolaSupport) January 11, 2015
The case was first reported by Phandroid, which cited a post by Reddit user npjohnson1 who notes, "PLEASE be careful. Check under the back cover, my Nexus 6 had something similar happen, except, upon further inspection... THE BATTERY HAD EXPANDED, and was pushing the back cover off.

They ended up letting me keep the nexus and get a new one for free, they even threw in the SUPCASE for the N6 [Nexus 6] for free..W removed the battery on the old one for safety." Another user named Jordan Dunn reported the Nexus 6 unglued rear panel issue on Google+ and said, "Damn, Nexu 6 back panel coming unglued! Had to take it to the T-mo store to show I didn't damage it but they're sending me a new one." As of now, Motorola has not revealed any specific causes for the unglued back panel of the Nexus 6. However, Nexus 6 owners who experienced the issue can report it directly to Motorola on the company's customer support page. To refresh, Google launched the Motorola-made Nexus 6 in October last year while the handset reached Indian shores last month. The Google Nexus 6 32GB variant went on sale in India at Rs. 43,999, and the 64GB variant at Rs. 48,999. The Nexus 6 is also the platform lead device of the most recent version of Android i.e. Android 5.0 Lollipop, which comes with a fresh look thanks to Materia Design and a host of new features.
Motorola Confirms Rear Panel Defect in Some Google Nexus 6 Handsets | NDTV Gadgets
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