My tata(sky is awesome

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8 Apr 2011
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:up: I am tatasky user for past couple of year and I found tatasky good in quality, packaging, customer care and other department too.

Here I will give a brief of all points.
  1. Quality: I am watching tatasky in a 32" Full HD LCD and found quality of even SD channels good. Watching HD is out of the world experience. STAR HD channels are awesome.
  2. Packaging: Tatasky have packages for different genre. Then there is make my pack, you can choose one or two, or as many as you want, channels to complete your choice of list. For HD you just pay 50 and enjoy full HD channels with event based sport HD channels.
  3. Customer care : I have talk to customer care for 3-4 times and found that they are very helpful. They even called me when I registered the query from web portal. I changed my packages from old to new and back to old when required. I have used 15 day holiday pack(service stop for 15 days) and its really good.
  4. Other: When I chose to go to tatasky+HD from tatasky+, I called up CC, they transfered the call to sales and I paid via mobile IVR, whola in just 3 working day my STB got replaced with all my balance tranfered to new STB, actually they paired my old card with new one. Further they installed my old stb with new card without any charge to my choosen place.
Conclusion: :up: weldone tatasky :up:
Ya really tata sky is awesome but only missing more channels, hope they will add more channels soon :waiting:
Me too love my cutty Tata Sky...:D

First of all picture Quality is very good:up:

2nd Audio is very pure and nice:up:

Also now its packs are also very much customer friendly now a days:up:

Also free regional packages with one of any packs:up:

Logo is transprant so looking kwel..:up:

Best UI System:up:

So Tata Sky is rocking...............:buddys_by_graveyardwatcher::dance3::dance3::dance3:
K tiwari said:
frnds i also using TATA sky.. gr8 service then others..!

Good to know, many of our members are happy with TataSky. But my request to all is, just talk positive about your DTH. Don't try to compare with others. This will lead to unwanted arguements.

I was a Tata Sky customer for three and half years, now since last one year with ADTV.

Yes kramkumar.
Soon i am lauching dth comparision forum.:up:

So no need to compare here.:up:
Thanks mystick for making this thread and also to all for sharing there views in tata sky dth.
Good Customer services but costly :wallnalsirmarna:

yes tata sky is a bit costly than others but then also users like it because of its heart touching services.:dance3:
I praised Tata(Sky in first post of this thread and those are the reasons I liked Tata(Sky.
Now here are some shortcomings:
  • Less Channels
  • Sports channels are prized very very high, just out of reach.
  • PIX & some other channels are not STEREO.
  • Less number of package and no package between 240 & 380 (240 supreme sports & 380 for grand sports)
  • Why there are three promo channels when Tata(Sky suffering from space crunch.
  • Log duration pack with discount, needed for individual channels also.
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