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DDF Exclusive New TRAI DTH Policy Summary and Escalation Contact Details

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Rajesh 25

30 Oct 2016
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We just wanted to summarize few important points w.r.t. new rules, so that people don't need to go and search deep inside the running threads. Making this thread sticky.

Tariff Order:

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Few suggestions to select packages as per TRAI new rules:

1. Select absolutely necessary channels possibly on al-a-carte basis.

2. Avoid going for costly bouquets from Star, Sun and Zee.

3. Subscribe to cheaper bouquets from Turner, Times and Discovery.

4. Avoid subscribing service provider curated packages.

5. Customers whth multi-tv should choose channels wisely, as each conncetion is now treated as separate.

6. 1 HD channels consumes 2 counts of NCF slots. So, choose the HD channels wisely. Else you will end up paying for additional NCF slabs.

7. Use the TRAI tool to know your estimated monthly charges in the new regime per your selection. Use the optimize button to see if there is any price reduction Link for the tool below.

8. Try selecting FTA channels as alternatives to high priced pay channels.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Long Duration Packs:

As per the new TRAI policy, clause no 11 clearly states that those customers who have done recharge for their connections anually, service provider cannot change customer's package till the validity period ends. If any service provider forces the customer to change their annual packages, customer have to lodge a complaint with TRAI as well as raise complaint in various consumer forums if possible.

You may send an email in the below format. Emails IDs at the end of the post.

Subject: Please do not change my long duration plan as per directions given by TRAI to all service providers.

Customer id :
Name :
Mobile no :

As per the TRAI guidelines, I'm requesting you to not change my long duration pack till the validity expires. Below are the links to TRAI clarification on this.

Point 11. of TRAI faqs https://channeltariff.trai.gov.in/data/FAQ_BnCS.pdf

Trai rules for QOS below

Point 17 of Trai regulation in the https://main.trai.gov.in/sites/default/files/QOS_Regulation_03_03_2017.pdf is given below

17. Price protection to subscribers.— In case, the broadcasting services related to television have been availed by a subscriber with a lock-in period or the charges for subscription of broadcasting services related to television are paid in advance for a specific period by a subscriber in pursuance of any scheme offered by the distributor of television channels, the distributor shall continue to provide such services for such period to the subscriber without any increase in the price of subscription and without altering the other terms of subscription to the disadvantage of the subscriber.

You can also call TRAI and Service Provider. Contact details at the end of the post.

Multi TV:

Each connection is treated separately in the new regime. Below are the charges for multi TV subscribers in Tata Sky.

Tata Sky multi TV cost wef 1st february 2019:

If primary pack price exclusing NCF is:

Less than 250 then 200,

251 to 400 = 300,

401 to 500 = 400,

501 to 625 = 500,

626 to 750 = 600,

and if more than 750 then 700.

TRAI Contacts:

TRAI call centre 0120 -6898689

(a) Shri anil bhardwaj, advisor (b&cs)-ii, trai at 011-23237922 or email at [email protected]; or

(b) Shri arvind kumar, advisor(b&cs)i&iii, trai at 011-23220209 or email [email protected]

Mr. snk chandra +91 1123664222

e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Service Provider Contacts:

TATASKY: [email protected],[email protected].

D2H: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

AIRTEL: [email protected]

DISH TV: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
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23 Aug 2018
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That loophole has let certain cable operators to cleverly migrate to annual packs without customer's knowledge and consent.
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