Breaking News State Bihar Jharkhand added on LCN 378


21 Jun 2013
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News State Bihar Jharkhand added on LCN 378


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When will Airtel DTH add Sports18 1 HD channel in its list? Want to see World Cup 2022 in full HD clarity :)

Please Airtel do something:love:🙏

Good thing is that they have placed the airtel logo at bottom right position on tgis channel unlike the top right / left position which is usually chosen by them for the logo placement on news channels.

Hopefully in coming days they will have airtel logo placed to uniform bottom right position across all channels
@avipersistent bro as the previous thread where u had tagged me related to this topic has been closed hence i am replying to u here.

You are right that airtel digital tv would be receiving carriage fee for adding News State Bihar Jharkhand on their platform. All operators add channels based on public demand or often when the broadcasters get in touch with them & sign carriage fee agreement for the same. The broader point i wanted to convey was that just bcoz i or any other individual does not watch a particular channel that does not mean that concerned channel is not important. There is an audience for all sorts of channels and content , any operator has to cater to needs of all its subscribers.

There are instances where operators are unable to add or delay addition of certain channels bcoz of various factors like LCN slot being unavailable / shortage of bandwidth / meeting RIO agreement terms of all broadcaster / issues related to deciding carriage fee amount / less public demand etc. So there host of factors involved for taking decisions regarding adding a channel, carriage fee is just one of them.

Even many popular national or regional news / movie / music channels pay carriage fee to operators despite being hugely popular among the audience hence as i said both public demand for a channel and carriage fee both play a factor in operators making available such channels on the platform

News State Bihar Jharkhand is ofcourse a new channel and broadcaster will try to expand its distribution by signing carriage fee agreement with various platforms but even when it gains a prominent position there is a strong likelihood that carriage fee would continue to be paid for being available on airtel digital tv or other platforms hence it benefits the operator as well as viewers in such cases.

Airtel Digital TV is providing almost all popular SD and HD channels on its platform so one cannot complaint that they r just those channels which pay carriage fee and ignoring addition of other major channels. Even most of the carriage fee channels are the ones which r good and do have an audience for it. There might b certain channels which would of be of no use but same can b skipped by subscribers, it is not right to criticize the operator for the same as for them carriage fee adds as major source of revenue & more the revenue better r the chances of an operator being able to serve its customers properly by providing overall good service quality across various parameters thus enhancing overall user experience .

I agree that Viacom18 should improve on distribution front as many of its channels continue to remain unavailable across various platforms. I strongly feel that Airtel Digital TV wants to add all the pending HD channels from Viacom18/Network18 but there r some other factors delaying the addition process, i have already discussed the same in detail earlier in various threads on the forum. If u notice Airtel Digital TV has always lead in adding SD channels or even many HD channels from Viacom18 so they have great relationship/ bonding with them... Ofcourse they r adding SD and HD channels from various other broadcasters too on a regular basis. Carriage Fee, Bandwidth Issue, Less Public Demand, No Empty LCN Slots r not the cause for delay in addition of Viacom18 HD channels, i sense commitment to adhere to ongoing RIO agreement with various broadcasters is the reason for delay... If airtel digital tv decides to add Viacom18 HD channels then on current empty slots available next to SD feed of the concerned channels then they will have to make changes in LCN placements of channels from other broadcasters to comply with updated RIO agreement with Viacom18 (LCN placement slabs) or they would have to make changes in LCN of certain channels of Viacom18 and shift MTV, MTV Beats and some other channels to latter LCN thereby signing updated RIO agreement with Viacom18 choosing the required LCN Slab option for the sane. For 1st option other broadcasters won't agree and latter won't b acceptable to Viacom18. 3rd option of adding HD Feeds of Viacom18 HD channels to latter LCN while letting SD feed remain on current LCN would work fine but look odd and i do not think viacom18/indiacast will agree to it.

Till then there is a makeshift agreement wherein Viacom18 has made available SD feeds of the missing HD channels in their respective HD Bouquets to Airtel Digital TV. Hopefully soon all issues will get sorted and pending channels be added. Most probably it will happen once airtel digital tv signs updated RIO agreement with all broadcasters , also awaiting 4 Digit LCN implementation and channel numbers realignment soon
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