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NewsX revamps its primetime shows (1 Viewer)


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16 Jul 2013
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MUMBAI: Keeping the channel’s
motto “News. Not Noise.” intact ,
NewsX, has introduced five new
shows, leading to a complete
refurbish of the channel’s primetime
offering. Starting 6pm, the primetime
will bring to its viewers the most
diverse, extensive and comprehensive
news programming.

The primetime programming includes the following:

Prime edition, 6PM, everyday -
The first window into primetime,
this show picks up a story and
introduces the first debate of the
evening. Interactivity empowers
the viewers by giving them a
platform to be heard, through
tweets and call-ins.

Big story, 7.30PM, weekday-
Like the name symbolises, ‘Big
story’ breaks through the clutter
and has at its prime focus one or
two of the biggest story of the
day. There is a detailed reportage
and analysis of each big story to
give the viewer a detailed

News point, 8PM, weekday -
Derailing competition at 8 pm,
News Point breaks an exclusive
story every day. The story is put
out and then debated with an
expert panel.

Capital stories, 8.30PM,
- This pacy and precise
show puts the spotlight on state
capitals and metros, highlighting
four main stories of the day.

Nation @ 9, 9PM, everyday-
Anchored by editor-in-chief Rahul
Shivshankar, this prime time news
bulletin includes the most
newsworthy stories of the day.

With his expertise, dynamism and
sharpness, Rahul engages the
viewers and the opinion leaders in
a crisp debate and brings out
every nuance of the key stories of
the day.

Newshub, 10PM, weekday- Last
one hour of prime time is a
comprehensive news bulletin on
all the happenings of the day for
the discerning viewers who might
miss and want to catch up with
the top stories of the day at one

NewsX editor in chief Rahul
Shivshankar said, "Our prime time
programming has always stood out in
the competition and helped us
acquire the No. 1 position in prime
time. With our revamped
programming, we intend to continue
our leadership and make NewsX the
one stop destination for the viewers.”


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